Name: Petya Plukchieva

Position in the band: vocals (2010)

Sign: Aquarius

Place of birth: Kavarna, Bulgaria

Musical career:
Started to play piano at age of 6, in 1993 graduates Dobri Christov music college, Varna in opera singing class of Maria Korveshova-Rocas. Graduates in 1997 as opera singer class of Lilyana Zhablenska and later specialized with Alexandrina Milcheva (2000) and Caloudi Caloudov.
Since 2011 leads 'Pop and Jazz singing' studio at Rayko Alexiev-1947 community center, Sofia

Accolades and professional activities:
1997 - Special prize Maria Cherkin-Panova at 2-nd National competition for young opera singers
1997 - Special prize at 1-st Academic cmpetition Tsvetana Dyakovitch for best performance of 20-th century musical play
2000-2001 - Participated in Opera At Town Square Summer festival at Toscana, Italy
2001-2002 - Contract with Atlantic Opera - USA
2004-2005 - Annual participation at festivals Al Bustan - Biblos, Beirut- Lebanon
2007 - Special guest at 1-st Asian festival at Shenzhen China
2007-2011 - Chief executive of Stravagnaza National festival for ancient music, songs and dance
2009-2013 - Master class Basics of vocal techniques - author and lead, Kavarna, Bulgaria
2011 - Created and leads Pop and Jazz singing studio in
2012 - Laureat title at International Opera competition 'Rose Of Euterp, Karlovo, Bulgaria

Preferred styles: Opera

Favorite bands: Queen

Favorite Musicians: They are many

Additional info:

Books: There are many